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Mind-blowing flavor. Mind-enriching nutrients.

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Surprisingly good for you pork bowl

It's surprisingly
good for you

Pork has vitamins B6, B12 and other mood boosting powers that can make you feel as good as it tastes. So, get ready to be surprised in the best, most delicious way possible.

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Meet a better

Today, pork has 27% less saturated fat than it did 30 years ago. Talk about real progress.

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Pork is full of good fats

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Lean pork pairs well with Mediterranean diet

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Good fats are heart healthy

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Pork pairs with…

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Fruits, veggies AND whole grains. That's a whole lotta delish and nutrish packed into one plate.

Lifestyle brain health

A protein that makes you think differently

Literally. The nutrients in pork increase brain chemicals that promote mood and motivation. Which makes it kind of a no-brainer.

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Eat good, feel good

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Brain boost

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A mental health helper

Mediterranean Pork

Well, surprise! Pork Chops can be prepared in more ways than there are days in the week.

Love pork chops?

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Pita bread

It's surprisingly

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This wonder food
does it all.

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Recipes for days

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So many cuts to choose from

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Cook your way
on your time