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Pork Chops

Pork chops are a flavorful foundation for any meal. They’re easy to prepare, quick to cook, and incredibly versatile.

Cooking Pork Chops

Pork chops are the most popular cut of pork. They come from the loin which is the meat that runs from the pig’s hip to its shoulder.

While there are a variety of names for pork chops like loin, rib, sirloin, top loin, and blade chops, it’s important to remember that they all cook the same.

The length of cooking primarily depends on the thickness of the chop. Some prefer thin cut chops, but others prefer the juiciness of a thick-cut chop on the bone. Thickness can vary from ½ to 2 inches.

For tender and delicious pork chops prepare your cut of meat to the internal pork cooking temperature of 145°F.

Pork Temperature

How to Cook Pork Chops

How long do you cook pork chops? This depends on the method you choose! Common methods for cooking pork chops include grilling, baking, pan frying, and air frying!

How To Grill Pork Chops

How Long to Grill Pork Chops?

Grill your pork chops for 8-12 minutes depending on the thickness of your chop and the temperature of your grill. The best way to ensure peak deliciousness is to cook by temperature with a digital meat thermometer. Pork chops are best enjoyed when cooked to an internal temperature of 145° F followed by a three-minute rest.

During grilling season, nothing beats a juicy pork chop sizzling on the grill. From a weeknight dinner solution to a weekend cookout with friends, and with a variety of seasonings and side dish options, your grill will be busy all summer long.

Pork Chop Grilling Tip

Bone-in chops often provide the most flavor. There is fat (flavor) found around the bone, and the bone does a lot to keep the meat from drying as it’s cooked.

How Long to Bake Pork Chops?

Baking pork chops in the oven is about as easy as a dinner meal can get! Bake your pork chops at 425 degrees for 10 minutes.

If you want to add an extra step, sear your pork chops in a pan first and transfer to a baking sheet to cook for about 6-8 more minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees. Let them rest for 3 minutes and serve with a side of veggies for the perfect weeknight family dinner. Easy enough!

How to Bake Pork Chops
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How To Pick A Pork Chop

You will run across various types of pork chops when you visit the meat counter.

Porterhouse Pork Chops are from the lower back (just behind the rib chop) and have a characteristic T-bone shape. These chops include a lot of meat as well as a bit of tenderloin meat.

Ribeye Pork Chops originate in the center of the loin in the rib area and include some back and rib bone.

Sirloin Pork Chops come from the area around the hip and often include part of the hip bone.

New York Pork Chops (sometimes called Center Cut Chops) are boneless and located above the loin chops, toward the head. The 1¼ inch-thick top loin chop is also called an “America’s Cut.”

Blade chops are cut from the beginning of the loin in the shoulder area. They may contain some blade bone as well as back-rib bone. Blade chops are usually thicker and more marbled. They often are butterflied and sold as pork loin country-style ribs.

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