Learn from Each Other to Maximize Safety

by Joe Wolfe, Live Pork Transportation Manager for JBS Pork Truck rollovers and accidents, while rare, can have a significant impact. Transportation is the most visible step in raising pigs because we are traveling the same lanes and are in the presence of our consumers. If not handled appropriately and professionally, accidents can negatively impact […]

Avoid Distractions

From phone calls to eating, distractions increase the likelihood of an accident for drivers, including those behind the wheel as they transport the nation’s pigs. The Transportation Quality Assurance® (TQA®) program encourages truckers to avoid distractions, such as reading, texting or reaching for items on the floor or across the seat. “Following a one-touch policy […]

In the Event of an Accident…

If uninjured and able to do so, the transporter should: Call 911 if the accident occurs on a public roadway or if emergency assistance is required for an on-farm accident. Advise operator of: The location of the accident The fact that you have animals on-board The status of any loose animals Any known hazards Set […]

Make Sure Your Transporters Are Prepared

Even with preventive measures, some accidents will occur, so the need for response training remains. After several livestock truck rollovers in recent years, Michigan State University (MSU) Extension, along with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and several local Farm Bureau chapters, last spring conducted a comprehensive two-day training on managing rollovers. Topics included organizing the […]

Safe Transport of Pigs Starts with Planning

On any given day, more than a million pigs are transported on U.S. roads to farm sites or to market. While pork producers and truckers work together to keep pigs safe en route, planning for the unlikely event of a truck rollover, an accident, truck engine failure or another emergency can’t be left to chance. […]

Evaluating Transport Conditions on Weaned and Feeder Pig Performance

Weaned Pigs Require More Care in Transport Researcher: Dr. Jay Harmon, Iowa State University In this project, researchers reviewed data from more than 7,000 loads of weaned and feeder pigs, looking for possible mortality relationships and the long-term impact of transport stress on piglets and the environmental characteristics within the trailer. Researchers found that weaned […]