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The Rural Dictionary

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With Modern Mythbuster Eric Stonestreet

America’s pig farmers know you might have questions about how they raise the pork we love. With many pig-related phrases that counter how pig farms actually operate, we enlisted help from someone who understands pigs and the power of (humorous) words.

Emmy-winning actor Eric Stonestreet grew up on a farm caring for pigs, and he’s ready to set the record straight about how we use pig-related phrases.

Think pig out means to overindulge, or pigsty refers to a total mess? Think again!

Watch Eric (re)define common pig terms as we know them to teach us about the care and diligence that goes into raising pigs today.

He’s doing it with the help of the latest authority on modern pig farming: The Rural Dictionary.

(Re)Definition of the Day

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Hog Wild

/’hog-‘wī(-ə)ld/. adjective. To be purposeful, thoughtful, avoiding excess.

Going hog wild means anything but reckless. Follow Eric Stonestreet as he takes us through the farm and shows us how it’s done.


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/’pig-stī/. noun. A clean, well-maintained, comfortable environment.

You may have heard about what living in a pigsty is like, but we’re here to SHOW you what it’s really like with Eric Stonestreet.

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Capitalist Pig

/’ka-pə-tə-list ‘pig/. noun. A generous, giving individual who cares deeply for others.

Growing up with pig farmers, Eric Stonestreet walks the talk. He also knows that farmers are some of the most generous and caring individuals around.

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Pig Out

/’pig- , au̇t/. phrasal verb. To eat healthy, nutritious food in mindful proportions.

Pigs’ diets are closely monitored by nutritionists – carefully balanced to ensure they’re eating what they need, when they need it.

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When Pigs Fly

/ ‘(h) wen ‘ pigz-, ˈflī/. phrase. Something that’s already happening.

To many, “when pigs fly” means something so aspirational it will never happen. But, pig farmers already use some of the most innovative technology available to keep pigs healthy and their farms running smoothly. With artificial intelligence, facial recognition and smartphone-controlled barn functions, they’re ahead of the curve.

America’s Pig Farmers

Sustainability and continuous improvement are at the core of America’s pig farmers’ commitment to deliver the safest, highest quality pork supply in the world. They create advancements beyond their barn doors that positively impact animals, farms, food, people, communities, and the environment.

Food Safety
Animal Wellbeing
Public Health

As good neighbors and responsible citizens, pig farmers are dedicated to giving back and helping make their communities even stronger. When not on the farm, farm families volunteer, serve on boards and donate food to support the success of the people and places where they live and work.