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This research was conducted to determine the ability of pork quality measurements collected on the intact boneless pork loin to sort loins into quality based groups. To accomplish this, measurements taken on the blade and sirloin end of the boneless pork loin as well as on the ventral surface were compared to similar measurement collected from the cross-section of the loin at the 10th rib. Based on these results it would appear that 10th rib NPPC marbling scores can be predicted with adequate accuracy to facilitate sorting boneless pork loins into marbling-based quality groups without necessitating cutting the loin at the 10th rib. It would also appear that this could be done in the plant environment using subjective marbling scores on the ventral side of the boneless pork loin. This is confirmed by the fact that 10th rib IMF %, which is highly correlated to 10th rib NPPC marbling score, can be accurately predicted using NPPC marbling scores assessed on the ventral surface of the boneless pork loin. Furthermore, it would appear from these data that 10th rib marbling scores could be predicted in bone-in loins using a marbling score estimate from the sirloin end. Unfortunately, the prediction of 10th rib color, using the measurements assessed in this study, does not appear to be accurate enough to facilitate sorting of boneless pork loins into color-based groups. Dean Pringle (dpringle@uga.edu).