The Benefit of 2020 Vision

People live, shop and eat differently today, with pork producers having to keep pace or be left behind in the “What’s for dinner?” debate in kitchens, supermarkets and restaurants across America. But thanks to three comprehensive consumer research reports released this year, the Pork Checkoff and its channel partners are entering 2020 with a clearer […]

By the Numbers…

Twenty Future pork industry leaders were front and center at the third annual Elite Pork Intern Summit in June. The Pork Checkoff and the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence hosted 20 top interns from nine leading pork companies attending. With a focus on A Future in Pork Production, the interns networked with pork industry leaders […]

Pork Checkoff Is Going Paperless: National Pork Board to debut 100% online Checkoff payment starting Nov. 1

By Jason Menke Beginning Nov. 1, Pork Checkoff payments will all be made online through the National Pork Board’s convenient, easy-to-use, secure system, according to Calvin Vandekrol, vice president of finance and accounting for the Checkoff.  “The new system will save time, paper and money,” Vandekrol said. “But more importantly, pork producers will continue to […]

South Korea: Bright Spot for Exports

By Claire Masker Exports of U.S. pork finished strong in June after struggling earlier in the year, with South Korea remaining a bright spot. According to USDA, year-to-date sales to South Korea totaled 263.6 million pounds valued at $332.4 million. “South Korea has one of the world’s highest pork consumption rates at 63.7 pounds per […]

China: Next Great Market Forever?

By Steve Meyer Will China be our next great market forever? Or forever our next great market? The verbal gymnastics offer a key distinction. The first question implies a long-lasting beneficial commercial relationship, and the second implies years of frustration. So far the latter is winning. Or is it? U.S. pork exports to China historically […]

Selfless Donations Save Lives

 Living the We CareSM Commitment: Giving Back By Claire Masker By nature, pig farmers are generous individuals and not just because one of the We CareSM ethical principles centers on caring for and giving back to their communities. Pig farmers always have given their time, donated pork and much more.  Take Mary Heiller and Edan Bomgaars, […]

Meet the Final Four: Pig farmers share commitment to We Care and speaking up for pork

By Darcy Maulsby and Jan Jorgensen The National Pork Board recently announced the four America’s Pig Farmer of the Year℠ finalists. They all excel in adhering to the We Care℠ ethical principles and in their passion for telling their farm story to connect with consumers to build trust. The Pork Board congratulates finalists Doug Dawson, […]

Checkoff Remains Vigilant for ASF

Industry collaborates to deal with new norm as China passes one-year mark By Mike King Aug. 6 marked the one-year anniversary of China acknowledging the presence of African swine fever (ASF) in its herds. It’s been anything but business as usual since then, as the U.S. pork industry and other partners have come together to […]

Reconnecting with Publix Supermarkets

Keeping pork promotions top of mind isn’t just for consumers; it’s also for retailers. That’s why the Pork Checkoff has been rebuilding its relationship with Publix supermarkets in the southeastern United States. The Pork Checkoff has been working on promotions featuring pork tenderloin and other pork cuts. “Pork can be a perfect complement for Publix […]

Pork Redefines Convenience in C-Store Food

Making meals easy is evolving in new directions at convenience stores, or C-stores, according to Elaine Otte, manager of national channel marketing and innovation for the Pork Checkoff. The Checkoff conducted a promotion last year with Pennsylvania-based Country Fair, a C-store chain, to promote full and half slabs of fully cooked pork ribs Following its […]